2020. The year the March for Life came home.

17/04/2020 / Abortion 

The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely affected all aspects of our lives, including the plans that were underway for the annual Marches for Life this May.

Though the marches have been cancelled, there is still great opportunity to spread the pro-life message across Canada – in fact, this may be an even bigger opportunity than a traditional march!

Right now, pro-life language is commonplace. Everywhere we hear people talking about protecting the vulnerable, recognizing how individual choices impact others, and being willing to accept restrictions on personal freedom for the good of others.

This is pro-life, pro-love language. We can build on this momentum.

Last year at the Marches for Life in Toronto and Victoria we spoke about the need to bring the march home, to let that single day of activism spur you on to further action throughout the year. We talked about not only caring deeply, but also caring loudly. This year has given us an unexpected opportunity, as pro-life community, to bring the march home.

For various reasons, not everyone is able to attend a March for Life in person, so many pro-lifer’s voices are not heard. But this year, with pro-life messages saturating neighbourhoods across Canada, our reach can be far greater! Everyone is able to make a difference from home!

What does stay-at-home activism look like?

People across the country are putting up signs and making noise to encourage others and show their support for healthcare workers, truck drivers, grocery store employees and other frontline workers. They are drawing with sidewalk chalk, painting their windows, and staying home.

Let’s continue those beautiful displays of love and support, and direct them to our pre-born neighbours!

Take part in Life Week from home

Join us in making May 11-15 Life Week across Canada. We are asking you to use that week (the week when the March for Life would have happened) to spread the pro-life message in your community. Signs in windows, signs in lawns, signs attached to fences, sidewalk chalk art, window paintings – hundreds of imaginative signs and messages could be produced by pro-lifers across Canada!

Once you’ve made your signs(s), take a picture to share on your social media with the hashtag #LifeWeek2020 to spread the message even further!

Some sign ideas:

  • Your choices affect others – Choose Life
  • Human rights for all human beings
  • This is a pro-life house
  • The year the March for Life came home.
  • A person’s a person, no matter how small
  • Defend Girls – Ask your MP to support Bill C-233 {defendgirls.com}
  • Protect girls. End sex selective abortion. {defendgirls.com}

We can’t wait to see the creative signs you come up with!

We may not be marching together, but we can still stand together. We can be encouraged by each other. We can be a voice for the voiceless in our communities and in our country.

In fact, we believe we can use this opportunity to reach far more Canadians than the traditional Marches for Life, and start a movement that can support the March for Life every year from here on out.

Staying home does not mean staying quiet, it means getting creative with your communication. Let’s make the 2020 Life Week a beautiful one!

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas at [email protected].

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