Election 2021: Asking hard questions

07/09/2021 / Politics 
The federal election is only a matter of days away and we hope you will continue engaging with your local candidates right up until the wrap-up of the election campaign.

election doorhangerLast election, we created a doorhanger with questions to ask your local candidates to get them talking about abortion. How will the candidates address the issue of sex selective abortion? How will they represent pro-life Canadians, even if they themselves are not pro-life? Are they aware that Canada has no abortion law and it is up to Parliament to make a law?

These questions remain relevant this election, and they’re all on the printable pdf below. Use these questions to email local candidates, call their campaign office, or ask them at a local town hall meeting where the public is invited to ask questions. These questions are a simple, direct way to get the candidates talking about abortion and to remind them that their stance on life affects our vote.

Download the printable pdf by clicking on the image below.

Thank you for your continued work to spread the message that Canada needs protection for pre-born children. We couldn’t do this without you!

*Please note that these are not intended for hanging on random doors in your neighbourhood – some cities have bylaws against this.

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