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Sex-selective Abortion

Please watch this beautiful short video of a different kind of perfect. Doctors should start with information and encouragement, not an apology and suggestion to abort!

When Cara’s doctor told her that it was possible her pre-born child had Down syndrome, he said, “I’m so sorry.” She heard those words over and over again, and still hears them now. But she wants the world to know, “We’re not sorry.” This beautiful story...

In recent commentary featured on Rob Breakenridge takes a number of liberties against pro-lifers, and in particular some of the signage observed at the annual March for Life. He also writes, “Canada’s pro-life movement has only itself to blame for its failures.” We agree. Of...

Every once in a while we get a solid clue that the work we are doing is impacting culture – that pro-life Canadians are making a difference. The Conservative Party leadership race is well underway, and candidates are having to consider the desires of pro-life Canadians....

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