The Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill ends a life

If a woman is pregnant and wants an abortion, she has the option in the first nine weeks of her pregnancy to either undergo a surgical abortion in a clinic or hospital or take the abortion pill. Both have the same result: the woman walks away no longer pregnant. While both options are deadly for the unwanted pre-born child, the abortion pill is frequently heralded as a better option for women . Women’s experiences depict a different picture.

There is nothing quick or easy about the abortion pill. In this video the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science and the Shore Centre explain the common side effects of the pill including that you are only supposed to seek urgent care if you are bleeding clots the size of lemons for more than 2 hours. If that heavy bleeding lasts less than 2 hours, that’s considered normal. There is no easy, bloodless way to end the life of a pre-born child.

University of Waterloo’s Video

Elizabeth’s story

Abortion Pill Rescue

If a woman takes the first pill in the abortion pill process, there is a possibility she will change her mind before taking the second. In such a case, there is an opportunity to try to reverse the effects of that first pill to save the pre-born child’s life. This is called the abortion pill rescue and all it involves is reintroducing progesterone into the pregnant woman’s body. Her body was naturally producing the hormone before the first pill began blocking it. The abortion pill rescue restores this hormone, which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Doctors have been prescribing progesterone to pregnant women at risk of miscarriage for over 50 years – this is simply a new application of a trusted medical treatment.

Pregnancy is a state that a woman’s body instinctively prepares for and maintains. The abortion pill disrupts the body’s natural responses to pregnancy. If the mother only takes the first pill without the second one that causes her uterus to contract, her pre-born child has about a 25% chance of surviving. The abortion pill rescue is about restoring the natural processes that were stopped by the first pill, increasing the likelihood that the pre-born child will survive to about 60%.

An unintended pregnancy can send a woman’s world into chaos. Women cite feeling desperate and afraid. Abortion seems like the easy choice. However, after popping that first pill some women face immediate regret. Emily explains it this way: “The fear I had of being pregnant overcame all other emotions, and I took the pill.” However, immediately she felt regret – “I cried the whole way home.” Thankfully, Emily researched online and got in touch with the Abortion Pill Rescue Network.

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