Huge pro-life display covers Supreme Court of Canada lawn

19/10/2019 / Abortion 

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October 19, 2019

Today 100,000 pink and blue flags will be planted in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. The flag display is hosted by We Need a Law, a campaign advocating for laws protecting pre-born children. The pink and blue flags represent the approximately 100,000 children lost to abortion each year in Canada.

“Canada is the only democracy in the world with zero protections for pre-born human beings. Every other country has restrictions on abortion, but here the debate is increasingly shut down,” said Tabitha Ewert, Legal Counsel for We Need a Law. “Polls consistently show that a majority of Canadians support some restrictions on abortion. Our lack of laws is not reflective of Canadians, but is due to Parliament’s inaction ever since the Supreme Court’s 1988 decision in the Morgentaler case. Even the most liberal of the judges in that case looked to Parliament to protect ‘fetal interests’ at some point, but that has never happened.”

“We are here because the court left Canada with no law restricting abortion, and, with the Supreme Court justices, we look to Parliament to do their job in enacting legislation protecting pre-born children.”

Ewert talked about what the flags represent, “Each flag represents a pre-born child who lost his or her life to abortion. Each flag represents a woman who went through the invasive procedure, maybe even believing it was good for her. Each flag represents a father who never got to meet his child. The impact of abortion is far reaching. We plant these flags because while our law has been silent, the victims are remembered.”

We Need a Law is a non-partisan campaign that advocates for legal protection of pre-born human rights. The display, which does not include any graphic images, will be up with staff and volunteers present on Saturday, Oct 19 from about 10 am – 4 pm.


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