Two People’s Party of Canada candidates release a proposed bill to protect pre-born children.

13/08/2019 / Late-Term Abortion 

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August 13, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Paul Mitchell and Laura-Lynn Thompson, candidates for the People’s Party of Canada, introduced their Protection of Preborn Children Act at a press conference last week. If elected this fall they will introduce this bill in Parliament, a bill which would restrict abortion after 24 weeks, at which point the pre-born child is viable.

We Need a Law, a campaign dedicated to passing legislation to protect pre-born children, welcomes this announcement. “To have federal candidates talking about an actual piece of legislation is a good step forward in this conversation,” said Tabitha Ewert, legal counsel for We Need a Law. “I think it’s really important that Canadians see what an actual piece of abortion legislation looks like.”

Over 30 years ago Canada’s previous abortion law was struck down and Parliament has never passed a new law, despite being encouraged by the Supreme Court to do so. “Canadians aren’t necessarily aware that Canada has no law restricting abortion nor how out of step this is with the rest of democratic world – most European countries restrict abortion after the first trimester,” Ewert pointed out.

The timing of this announcement is important, as Canada prepares for a federal election this fall. Thompson and Mitchell urged candidates from all parties to support this proposed bill and encouraged Canadians to talk to their candidates about it. “This is a great opportunity for pro-life Canadians to talk to politicians about this issue and about the importance of passing legislation that protects pre-born children,” Ewert commented. “And having an actual proposed bill can be quite helpful for Canadians who want to gauge candidates’ position, giving them a simple question – ‘would you support a law that protects pre-born children after 24 weeks?’” As candidates will be spending time door knocking and phoning Canadians, We Need a Law encourages every Canadian to ask where they stand on protecting pre-born children.

“It is my hope that this gets more Canadians talking about what an abortion law looks like and builds support for legal protection of children before birth. And that this conversation motivates Parliament to act by passing laws that recognize human rights for pre-born human beings,” Ewert said.

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