Press release: Election 2021 calls the pro-life movement to action

21/09/2021 / News 

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Ottawa, ON – With another minority victory for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, Tabitha Ewert, spokesperson for We Need a Law, comments on what this election means for the pro-life movement.

“Mr. Trudeau is the most pro-abortion prime minister Canada has seen, and his re-election is a tragedy for pre-born children. And despite his claimed feminist credentials, it is especially women and girls who will lose.” said Ewert. “He had the opportunity to pledge support for girls in the last Parliament by condemning sex selective abortion and he not only failed to do so, he used these most vulnerable Canadians as a political tool against anyone who stood up against gendercide.”

“In addition to this failure, Mr. Trudeau continues to meddle in provincial matters by pressuring New Brunswick to fund a private abortion clinic. He has also pledged to remove charitable status from pregnancy care centers who offer much needed support and resources to women facing an unintended pregnancy. It is clear that Mr. Trudeau is pro-abortion, but not pro-women. He is willing to take away support and options that women might otherwise have so that abortion really can be seen as their only choice,” said Ewert. 

“We know that there is support among Canadians, and growing support among MPs, for a law that would ban the aborting of girls simply because they are girls. This is a common sense law in a country that values equality of the sexes, and we will immediately begin working with pro-life MPs to see legislation targeting this form of abortion reintroduced at the earliest opportunity,” said Ewert. “We are thankful to see many familiar pro-life faces elected tonight and we look forward to continuing to work with them to advance protections for pre-born children.”

Throughout the election campaign, We Need a Law encouraged supporters to ask their local candidates about their stance on sex selective abortion. The Sex Selective Abortion Act (Bill C-233) was debated in Parliament earlier this year, and polls indicate that over 80% of Canadians oppose the use of abortion to target babies based on their sex. All party leaders voted against this bill, which shows that our leaders are out of touch with where Canadians stand on this issue.

Canada remains the only democracy in the world with no restrictions on abortion. We Need a Law seeks to find common ground among Canadians to find a starting point for protecting pre-born children.


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Tabitha Ewert (EDT) at 1-866-410-9625 // [email protected] 

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