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RU 4 LIFE? The remedy for choice these days, is in a little pill. Just pop one if you're pregnant, and the life within -will end, -be still. Such is the crazy world we're in, a drug for when you're in a fix! A death producing-life defying RU Four-Eighty-Six. RU for real? Can this be true? a child's mother pops...

The caption says, “If abortion providers were obliged to ask women whether their decision was freely made, Charlotte Dawson might still be alive today.” Charlotte Dawson (pictured) was an Australian supermodel whose life spiraled into depression and ended when she committed suicide last week. Ms. Dawson’s...

By Niki Devereaux Two countries, two families, two babies and two very different outcomes. Last November a woman in Texas who was 14 weeks pregnant experienced a suspected pulmonary embolism. About a month later, a woman in Victoria, British Columbia suffered from a fluke random blood leak...

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