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ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action) Canada has a mission to educate, equip, and encourage Reformed Christians to political action and to shine the light of God's Word to Canada's municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Recently, ARPA Canada's Legal Counsel and Ontario Director had...

New Abortion Caravan takes reality of abortion to Vancouver streets (click here for photos of the event) Vancouver, BC - May 29, 2012 - Today the reality of abortion was made visible to thousands of people in downtown Vancouver. Canada has no abortion law and over 100,000 children are dying every year. It's time that Canadians who aren't convinced that this is a grave injustice, saw with their own eyes what is being chosen when a child is aborted. Trucks plastered with images of aborted pre-born children drove through the downtown core of Vancouver and young women and men held large signs of aborted fetuses with a single phrase attached - "Choice?" director, Mike Schouten joined other speakers at the launch of the New Abortion Caravan in calling for something to be done about the status quo concerning abortion in Canada. "It's a travesty that abortions happen in Canada though all 9 months of pregnancy", Schouten said to the throng that had assembled in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. "Canada needs a federal abortion law", he shouted to the cheers of many.

Your MP needs to hear from you!   Next week Thursday, June 7th MP's will debate Motion 312 for the second time. Please take a couple of minutes (three simple steps) to send your MP the new SimpleMail letter we've just posted! During the first...

Mike Schouten: Harper is paying the price for shutting down the abortion debate The latest survey from Harris-Decima indicates that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing support, and from all observations it appears to be going to the NDP. Canadians continue to ride the Orange...

In 2001, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) was founded to expose the hidden injustice of abortion and create a public discussion concerning the rights and personhood of the pre-born. Through presentations and graphic image-based projects they are forcing the topic of abortion into...

In 1970 a group of women travelled across Canada demanding the freedom to choose and the repealing of all abortion laws. Eighteen years later they accomplished their mission. The time has come to make visible what is being chosen and on May 29th a group of survivors will launch the New Abortion Caravan. The young men and women who make up this group are survivors who want to "save those in the present from what killed those in the past". supports the New Abortion Caravan and we encourage you to watch the video and read the press release sent out by CCBR this morning.

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