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Using the government's response via Chief Whip, Gordon O'Connor to Motion 312 (a proposal to study the definition of a human being), Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian Thought at McGill University, questions why we don't learn from our mistakes and, seemingly, take every effort to...

  The face of the pro-life movement is changing and it's only a matter of time before the current state of affairs is altered forever. As the Toronto Star aptly pointed out in this surprising article, "No longer just grey-haired activists holding signs outside abortion clinics, the pro-life movement has undergone a savvy, youthful makeover." Canada's youth, those who made it out of their mother's womb, will not accept the status quo regarding abortion and are determined to see change when it comes to legal protection for pre-born humans. Young Canadians like Alissa Golob (pictured on left) of Campaign Life Coalition , and Jonathon Van Maren from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform are at the forefront of this re-energized effort to end the killing in Canada.

We have some encouraging news regarding the petitions! Over 120 petitions representing thousands and thousands of Canadians have already been presented into the House of Commons! Please read further to see if your MP was one of them. Your efforts are being noticed by parliamentarians! The message that Canada needs a law is being delivered on an consistent basis into the House of Commons. As you know, we are hosting two petitions, one that calls on Parliament to enact legislation to “restrict abortion to the greatest degree” and the other in support of MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312.

Maurice Vellacott, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin issued the following statement concerning the ongoing bullying of children in the womb. If you have a minute sometime today, please send him an email of encouragement for speaking out for the most vulnerable. His email address is: [email protected] Stop the bullying of Canada’s most vulnerable–the baby in the womb For Immediate Release May 17, 2012   OTTAWA - We have seen a great deal of political support across Canada for anti-bullying initiatives in recent months. Governments and community groups across the country are discussing the serious harm experienced by the victims of bullying, including self-harm and suicide in some cases.

Special thanks to a number of post-secondary students who have translated our two petitions into French! We know that there are many French speaking Canadians who believe Canada needs federal abortion legislation and we want to encourage you to print them off and take them...

More photos of the March can be seen here For Immediate Release Ottawa, Ontario May 10, 2012 - On Thursday,, the new and exciting campaign for federal abortion legislation participated in the National March for Life on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The presence of at the 2012 March for Life certainly did not go unnoticed. The recently launched campaign made itself visible by passing out their professionally designed promo cards to the marchers. “We’re serious about our mission of building a groundswell of support for federal abortion legislation”, said campaign director, Mike Schouten. is proud to stand with tens of thousands of Canadians at the March for Life in Ottawa tomorrow! "The time has come for parliament to provide protection for children in the womb", said Mike Schouten, Campaign Director for The multitudes that gather...

Helpful tips to ensure a productive visit with your MP! You want to do something, but the thought of presenting the pro-life position to your Member of Parliament seems too daunting. That, and you don’t feel qualified or prepared. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when... endorsed by prominent political pundits!   The campaign is only a few days old and we've already attracted reactions from Canadians on both sides of the debate.

Join us in building support for these initiatives: