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International Standards Abortion Law

In recent commentary featured on Rob Breakenridge takes a number of liberties against pro-lifers, and in particular some of the signage observed at the annual March for Life. He also writes, “Canada’s pro-life movement has only itself to blame for its failures.” We agree. Of...

Iowa just passed a law banning #abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected - would LOVE to see a law like this in Canada! #cdnpoli #weneedalaw

Iowa passed a law over the weekend banning abortion after 6 weeks. Known as a heartbeat law, this law is based on the earliest time when a pre-born child’s heartbeat can be detected. The law does contain some exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or...

It is time for Canada to get in line with International counterparts by protecting pre-born human rights. Please take a look at this and let me know what you think. #weneedalaw #cdnpoli #humanrights

By Mike Schouten   “Your hands may be clean, but the babies are dying.” This short, chilling sentence jumped off my iPad as I flew home from Ottawa. The e-book I was reading, entitled Abolition of Reason, contained observations from numerous pro-life apologists on a recent debate...

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